quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2012

How to make Monogram Quilling (Yulia Brodskaya inspired)

I tried to find out in the internet how to make the Monogram quilling, but I wasn't very successful. So I had to figer it out by myself.

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Ok, lets go!!

You will need:

1 - Glue;
2 - Scissors;
3 - An orange stick;
4 - Tweezer;
5-   A Thick styrofoam like this one;

6 - Mirror printed letters;
7- Quilling paper :The widers ones are better (I cut my own and they are 0.5 cm or 0.2 inches). Thicker paper are the best for in my oppinion to make Monogram.
8 - Lots of pins.
9 - A Cardboard.

Mirror printed letters?

You might be thinking by now "Why do I need mirror printed letters and how do I get that?"
The mirror printed letters is the big secret here, you will understand this soon. There is 3 ways to have it:
1 - Using Word and Paind windows program;
2 - Using Corel Draw (best and easier way);
3 - Using tracing paper.

1 - Choose the word and size you want, in my case I will do the name of a friend that ordered a card to me:
Well, once I have it the letters in the way I want it I press the buttom PrtSc in my keyboard and past it in the Paint.  After this I press Image, Flip/ Rotate, select the Horizontal option and press ok.

Once you have it, use the select tool to choose the letters. Glue it in the World, check the size again and print.

2 - In the Corel just click in the Text tool, give one click in the screen, adjusted the word in the page and select the flip option. Done. Just print.

3 - Copy the letter you want in a tracing paper and turn the page to see the letters mirrored.

Making the letters:

1 - Pin the paper with the Mirrored letters in the Styrofoam. The paper have to be straight to the board. See mine:

2 - Pin the shape of the letters and adjust the quilling paper in that shape. It's very important that the pins are pressed in to the styrofoarm untill it gets lower than the quilling paper.  Use a lots of pins but do not let everything too  tight:

 Use the tweezer to help you

 Cut the end of the letter once you are done
Glule the quilling paper without touch any other paper!!

3 - Once you have all you want, except by the internal part of the letters (just like the internal part of "e" and "o" of Nelson) put glue in the leeters.

You have to be fast to not let the glue dry and carrefull to don't put too much glue on it.

4 - Put the cardboard on top of  your letters with the glue (use the board of the styrofoam to see if everything is straight) . Press everything to be sure all pieces glued in the cardboard. Do not use a Cardboard to close to the size of your letters, sometimes we are not able to glue it very strait, and you have to have some space to correct the boards if you need.

5 - Wait sometime so the glue is dry (about 5 minutes) and use the orange stick to help you to carefully pull the cardboard from the styrofam and the pins.

6 - Do and glue the shapes that were missing inside the "e" and "o".  

And here is the final result:

Here is also a video with the same information:

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